Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Volume 28: Idioteque

Some crazy filthy hard Electro beats to get you idiotic! This minimix in by the talented duo going by the name of Idioteque.

They fast blazing a trail across the local club scene and one of the main reasons has been their extremly tight production skills! After you've checked the mix and found out some more about them, be sure to browse the rest of the Soundcloud page to take a listen to some of their tracks.

You can catch them at the next Dansville event on the 10th of December (Didn't we promise some more info on Dansville?? Coming sooooooon!!)

Right now though lets get down to some conversation with Idioteque!!!

MTTM: First off, let's get down to how that name came about!?

Idioteque: Haha, well.. I was thinking of names. Coming up with things like Beetlejuice and Jack Frost, when my friend calls me an idiot for coming up with such kak names. So being French, French has a lot of words with words ending in teque I added a "eque" to the end of "idiot"
and typed into google, to find that there was a song named that which I liked, so i chose it then and there!

MTTM: Haha nice 'n interesting indeed! Tell me about your music style, what you play and who has influenced you locally to get into DJjing?

Idioteque: Well locally, Das Kapital has influenced me the most, I heard at a him at a few house party's way back and I wanted to do whatever he was doing on those decks! Then i heard HAEZER and that basically concreted the idea of becoming a DJ in my head. Hard thrashing Electro is what we do best!!

MTTM: So you also going to be producing tracks as well, infact you have already done some production, tell us more, whats in the pipeline for the future?

Idioteque: Well, we will be coming out with two remixes soon, and then were just going full out at producing some right out dirt. We really want to set ourselves as Electro producers first and then maybe spill out some dubstep tunes later on.

MTTM: Sick! So what kind of toys do you guys use and play with?

Idioteque: Well Jasper has a studio at his house, not state of the art but all we need to produce.

MTTM: What kinda gear and software?

Idioteque: We are using Reason 5 and Cubase at the moment but are planning to get into Ableton for our future work.

MTTM: Ive seen some pic's doing the rounds and of you with an APC40, we looking forward to some "live" Idioteque shows!! ?

Idioteque: Yeah, we recently got the Akai APC40, its a mean mean grinding machine haha!!!

MTTM: Well gents, thanks for your time and looking forward to thrashing it out with you at the Dansville event! (MTTM represented with JoNNY RoboTIX & LG Fritz B2Bing it!!)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Volume 27: JoNNY RoBoTIX

Some chunky sexy Tech House here by JoNNY RoBoTIX.

A preview to what he is going to lay down at Full Flavour's Cruel Summer Party at FTV on Saturday the 11th of December.

We had a chat with the brains behind the Full Flavour brand to find out a bit more on what they all about!

Read on.....

MTTM: In a nutshell, tell me what Full Flavour is all about?

Full Flavour: Diversity through music, dance and social interaction.

MTTM: How did the name Full Flavour come about?

Full Flavour: I wanted a name that didn’t limit me to any particular genre . It had to be a name that said that this party was full of possibilities and not pegged down in any way.

MTTM: What can somebody expect when they go to a Full Flavour party?

Full Flavour: Full Flavour is first and foremost a great night out. We choose our venues very carefully and try to make sure that there is a great balcony or deck where people can socialize away from the hustle & bustle of the dance floor and bars. We try to bring and overall experience rather than a solely dance floor oriented party. Times have changed and so has clubbing. Gone are the wide eyed days of 6 hour straight stomping on the dance floor. The discerning clubber today demands more than that and that’s what we try to provide. An experience.

MTTM: Future plans for your brand?

Full Flavour: Nightclubs are very limited so I’d like to see Full Flavour being hosted at some non traditional venues in 2011. I think it would make for some really interesting productions that could allow us to bring a greater fun factor to our events.
What I’m most excited about is developing and launching our website next year.
Dj Petaski – a musical prodigy who started playing piano by ear at the age of 3 and has now fallen in love with art of mixing.

MTTM: Tell me about your thinking for having JoNNY RoBoTIX on the line-up?

Full Flavour: As fate would have it Full Flavour has developed into a bit of a commercial monster. With FTV having two dance floors we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to push boundaries a bit with an underground floor. JoNNy is a very diverse DJ and has the ability to drop anything from Drum & Bass to Tech House. We really want to bring a more progressive element to the sound and we feel that he is just the right man for the job.


Saturday, November 27, 2010


Just felt like we should bring this banginglishous Drum & Bass minimix to your attention! It's been done by DC Breaks (UK) and features their smash hit Halo!!

Halo EP Minimix by DC Breaks (UK)

The DC Breaks duo teamed up with Andy C's Ram Records in 2005, signing several tracks to Frequency Recordings, including their biggest release to date 'Pickett Line', which has since received swathes of Radio One support from the likes of Pete Tong (’One of my favourite Drum & Bass tunes of the year’), Zane Lowe & Annie Mac, and then ‘Flashback’ which settled into the Radio One ‘Hottest Records’ Podcast for the entire Summer of 2009. Their music has long been a favourite of DJs across the globe including Andy C, DJ Marky, Chase & Status, High Contrast & London Elektricity.

They have performed remixes for Universal, Sony, Rough Trade, Ministry of Sound, Island, Parlaphone, EMI and AATW, including artists such as Paloma Faith, Example, Tinie Tempah and ROX, and all have been championed by leading Radio 1 DJs including Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale and even Greg James.

DC Breaks have also featured on Viper Recordings, run by the legendary Futurebound, featuring on the first single of the label’s new compilation 'Acts Of Madmen', and their first solo EP, the Halo EP, is due to come out in March 2010.

The duo have spent years crafting their live package, DJ-ing across 6 decks and two mixers, and they are rapidly becoming one of the most exciting acts in Drum n Bass. From Bristol to Brisbane, they can be caught all over the UK & Europe, with a tour of North America planned for July '10, and a return tour to Australia & New Zealand commencing in November '10.

Check out the rest of their SoundCloud page for more tracks and full length mixes!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So Skrillex has been serving up a storm of Dubstep / Electro remixes and originals of late. It's no wonder someone has decided to dedicate a lil Minimix to some of his hottest work.

Been scouring Soundcloud for Minimixes and there is plenty out there we are pleased to inform you!

This one we found by an L.A based producer/DJ called Pr1me, not too much info out on his page, but seems like a quality mix so we thought we'd share it with ya!!

Ode To Skrillex Minimix (Mixed by PR1ME) by therealPR1ME

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Are we really a Vibe Nation?? You bet your funken ass we are!!

Get down and dirty to some Electro/Tech treats from
Vibe Nation who is laying down some more of this spanking electronic vibes at Brick City Selection this Friday 19th November.
He is on the decks from 11:30 till 1, so get on it!

Don't know much about Vibe Nation?

Read on..............

MTTM: How did the name Vibe Nation come about? Sounds like it could be a radio show or the name of a sick party!

Vibe Nation: No no! Just a track I liked, old school Housy track, sounded catchy so i just took it!

MTTM: Its a cool name we deeeeg it! Vibey stuff!

Vibe Nation: Haha thanks bro!

MTTM: What do you know about Brick City, you sent in mixes to them before?

Vibe Nation: Ya I've known about them for a while now but up until recently I was DJing permanently in Stellies and the gigs would always clash soo I never really had time. Entered into the latest one and fortunatly they chose me.

MTTM: Awesome stuff, yeah we really dig their concept as well. What sort of genre do you play?

Vibe Nation: Electro and Break Beat at the moment but very keen to get into Tech House it just doesnt have a large appeal in Cape Town at the moment.

MTTM: What gear you got hiding at home?

Vibe Nation: I am currently using the M Audio Xponent, but have played on just about everything else out there.

MTTM: Dream setup?

Vibe Nation: Probably the new M Audio mixer NR 700 I think its called that.

MTTM: Is that a MIDI controller?

Vibe Nation: Ya, for me its the future of DJing some people have their doubt's but I can't see it going any other way

MTTM: Well there's serious debate raging all over the internet about it, not going to get into it now! Got any plans to get into production?

Vibe Nation: Ya, have be messing around on Cubase and Fruity for about a year now. Have not really time to put hard yard into making a fully legit track but have a few "work in progress" ones that just need some tweaking, should be ready by early next year.

MTTM: What genre are they?

Vibe Nation: Mostly Tech House and a couple glitchy Break Beat one's that I've been working on recently.

MTTM: Hmmmm, nice looking forward to hearing them! Thanks for your time man and good luck for friday, rock that shit!

Vibe Nation: Thanks bro, later!

Electro Tech (MinimiX) by Vibe Nation

Monday, November 15, 2010


Let's get Straight down to that Jackin shit! This minimix in by Straight Jack one of the busiest DJ's out and about in Clubland.

You can catch him every Friday night at China White for Tainted Frequency, every Sunday at "SUNDAY SATISFACTION" at Eastwoods. Be sure to tune into his Straight Jack and Jaz Radio Show on Dance Web Radio every Thursday 10 - 12 in the morning, its FUNKLY sick!!!!

Here's a little biography on Straight Jack for those not fully familiar with him. You will be now!!

Straight Jack has been on the club scene for a number of years but decided to drop his already popular DJ Alias and start from scratch as Straight Jack to focus on his new path, a combination of Dirty Electro , Fidget and Techno blended smoothly into a mixture that gets any and every crowd jumping!

The “Straight Jack” project started in August 2009 and in a short amount of time , has already been on lineups with South Africa’s BIGGEST Artists like:

Roger Goode
Fresh (5fm)
Dino Bravo (5fm)
Lady Lea
Craig De Sousa
Dino Moran
Dean Fuel
Grave Danger
Ricardo Da Costa
Chris Stock

He’s also been asked to be a Resident Artist for Big Production companies such as the now famous Sunday Satisfaction events and Bounce Productions and is signed to Multitude Music

He has played at most clubs in Cape Town but to name a few:

China White
Vegas Lounge
Truth (JHB)
Miami (JHB)
Mangos (JHB)
News Cafe

The list goes on…….

Recently Straight Jack was featured on the Ultimix @ 6 and got almost 800 downloads for that live set he did in 1 week!

Straight Jack doesn’t only mix cd’s like your average DJ, he’s also a producer and constantly creating new bootlegs and mashups so that his sets and music will be exclusive to him and nobody else in the world. Add some effects , scratching and mashing up live music, combined with one of the most energetic and exciting artists to watch live (You will usually see him climbing on the tables or crowd surfing when the mood is right) and you have a mind blowing performance each time!

Straight Jack - Minimix To The Max by Straight Jack

Friday, November 12, 2010


Final installment of the DANSVILLE pres. NISKERONE,HYPHEN & more minimix promo's.

This one in by one of Cape Town's hottest up and coming Drum & Bass DJ's, he goes by the name Totem. No fanpage up as yet but keep up to date with him here
Totem = Joshua Michael Martin.

He has been kind enough to sit down with us and answer some probing questions!

MTTM: So I'm going to assume that there is a bit of a story behind the DJ name Totem and I'm very keen to hear it!

Totem: To tell you the truth the story of Totem is quite a bland one. I wanted a name which summed up the style of Dum & Bass I'm trying to bring which is different, fresh and natural.

MTTM: Yeah a DJ's name is actually made on the dance floor, what the clubbers/listeners associate with Totem (banging shit!) rather than a cool story on how it came about.

MTTM: Tell us what got you into playing Drum & Bass?

Totem: After listening to the immense talent at Homegrown I was amazed at the way tracks could be stringed together at such speed and quality. Started listening to some of the big names and been hooked ever since. I love listening to the great D&B talent that Cape Town hosts at the moment. Mysterion, Hyphen, Niskerone, Counterstrike are just a few names that come to mind which give me something to aspire and work towards.

MTTM: What are your feelings behind Drum & Bass getting played on 5fm and the possible "commercialising" of the genre.

Totem: I've got nothing against D&B being commercialised as long as producers keep churning out the quality of tracks that they do at the moment. If they start changing their style to try and fit in more then that's when I'd start having a problem with it.

MTTM: What kind of gear do you have or use to do your mixes on?

Totem: I mix on Pioneer CDJ100's and a Behringer VMX 300. Decided if I could mix on those I could mix on almost anything.

MTTM: What have you heard about Dansville? Looking forward to the gig?

Totem: I've just been hearing great things about Dansville. Hear the venue and rig is great as well as an energetic crowd. Looking forward to warming up the night with some rolling liquid before the heavyweights (Hyphen and Niskerone) do what they do best.

MTTM: There's a little rumour going around that you holidaying in Thailand and may sneak in a few gigs, elaborate!

Totem: Yeah, I am heading up to Thailand for two months. Been messaging around and found that there are quite a few clubs playing D&B out. If everything goes according to plan I could well be playing a couple gigs while I'm up there.

MTTM: Sounds awesome! Well shot for your time man! Looking forward to seeing you play next Friday!!

Totem: Big ups mate, PEACE!

Editors note: There were a few questions he declined to comment on, we will pry them out of him next time!

Dansville promo dnb minimix by Totem_dnb

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As promised we have some more previewing tasties for the upcoming
DANSVILLE pres. NISKERONE,HYPHEN & more party on Friday 19th November.

The mix is a Hip Hop influenced Dubstep bass riddled fusion and it's done by the skyscraping Dublusion.

You can catch him on the decks from 10 - 11 and after you've pressed play you might just wana get there early!

Who is Dansville?? As you may have noticed we have a close relationship with the Dansville crew. So coming soon you can find out just who Dansville really is!

Who is Dansville? by Dublusion

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So the DANSVILLE event we wanted to tag Blitzkrieg in a while ago has now been put up. The line up is finalised and it looks tasty indeeeeed!!

He has done another filthyly (spelling check!) hard Electro minimix especially for the event.

Speaking of which DANSVILLE pres. NISKERONE,HYPHEN & more. We got minimixes from all the & mores and will be posting soon!

When in Dansville by Blitzkrieg


I'm sure by now you are all aware of the IVY LEAGUE Presents WHITE LABEL SESSIONS giving local Dj's the opportunity to battle it out for some serious prizes and advertising.

LG Fritz certainly knows what's going seeing that he has already made it through to the Quarter Finals and definitely shows massive potential to pull through to the end.

Be sure to support him, he will you keep you rocking-out as hard as your body allows you, this coming Wednesday 10th of November at Ivy League.

Ivy League White Label Sessions Minimix by LG Fritz

Monday, November 8, 2010


So we going to try something a little bit different with regards to the blog. Basically up until now, the blog and the Facebook page have been fairly identical and that really gives no-one much of a reason to come and check out the blog. We also very keen to provide a more detailed look into the DJ's that we post and what they are getting up to and future plans etc etc.
So we going to do random mini-interviews with whoever we feel you ought to know more about.
So with no further crappings on, I give you Dubfish!!!!!!

MTTM: Well first up is to ask about the name, what's all this fishy business about!?

Dubfish: Well my surname is Fisher so my nickname is Fish. I'm dubstep crazy so my
friends and school mates associate me with the genre to quite an extreme.
Basically I just combined the two. Was thinking of changing it to DJ Whale Fish or DJ SafeSex.

MTTM: Hahaha yes to DJ SafeSex, Guuuuvament will love it! You could get yourself
some LoveLife gigs. Not going to go too "indepth" about why you wana be called
SafeSex haha!

MTTM: Dude, tell me whats your inspiration behind finding all this music and posting it a few
times a day. We always seeing it on your FB profile, we likey!

Dubfish: I have a great passion for music. There is sooo much good music out there and it
needs to be shared and promoted. Also sometimes I'm just procrastinating
studying or what not. People seem to dig the music I find, so I might as well use the
ability as best I can. I really dig finding new music that brings something different.

MTTM: Ya we agree dude! Followed a few of the tracks you have posted and they have been
sick. Tell me what equipment you using for your mixes.

Dubfish: Well at the moment just my pc with whatever software works well. At the moment I'm
using Traktor Scratch pro. But at a gig I'll use whatevers there. I should be getting a
Vestax Typhoon quite soon through George Daniel from Dj Hookups. Really good

MTTM: Any ambitions to get into production?

Dubfish: Ye totally amped for production. Mainly I've been doing some remix competitions. I
entered the Pendulum - The Island one as well as the Felix Cartal - Love One. Nothing
spectacular though.

MTTM: What you using?

Dubfish: Mainly just FL STUDIO 9 for most of it. For the Love One track I just took the stems
and did a DJ mix with them. Was more fun than anything else.

MTTM: Well man, we going to keep these mini-interview things short and sweet so thats all
we got time for. Glad I got to know what you about a bit better and thats the whole
idea behind these interviews.

Dubfish: No problem. Shot a lot!!

Dubfish Drum and Bass Mashup Minimix by Dubfish

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Enjoy Halloween? Wana do it again? Ok, here you go! I bring you a belated Drum & Bass Halloween treat from Christi Crunch Du Toit.
He is still adament that his music is all just a hobby, a way to kill some spare hours. But judging by how much music is always been thrown our way, productions included and the... amount of "plays" his work gets I think something a little more serious is in the pipelines! Watch this space as they say!!

Sick little artwork as well! Deeeeeeeg it!!!

Belated Halloween DnB Mini Mix - Crunch by Crunch*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This just in, a lil Tech House minimix promo by JoNNY RoBoTIX.

He is playing at IVY LEAGUE Presents WHITE LABEL SESSIONS on Wed night and needs your support to get through to the Finals of this awesome DJ Competition!

Whitle Label Sessions is Sponsored by Red Bull, sickness!

Also catch him on Mutha FM this Wednesday 6 - 8 on DJ Juice's The Junkyard show, playing some sexy Drum & Bass!

Ivy League White Label Session by JoNNY RoBoTIX