Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Evening News Flash

Cool, 2 mixes, 1 day, lets hope it rolls on a bit more like this!

Mix done by JoNNY RoBoTIX

He has been inspired by some hot Drum and Bass parties being thrown by Noctivega Entertainment. Be sure to check them out!

DnBminiMiX by JoNNY RoBoTIX

Monday Morning News Flash

Morning folks, so this next mix has been featured on the MyCityByNight blog, but as it was so good we decided to snap it up for you guys as well! It's by a hot up and coming Electro Dj/Producer called Illtastic and the beats are seriously Ill!

Catch his next gig Untamed Youth at the legendary Fiction Dj Bar, playing from 12:30 - 2.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Evening News Flash

This evenings mix is done by Das Kapital. Sent in to commemorate 500 fans on his FB page, nicely done! Go on over and join the fun, heres to the next 500.

Its some electro funk, at times noisy at times smooth, but always FUN!

Catch him playing his favoured brand of NASTY on the Brick City Massive floor this coming Friday at Assembly. Check out the event on FB over here:

Also just to mention the hosts of the Brick City Massive floor. Brick City are a sick brand to be on the lookout for, especially if you're an aspiring Dj looking to crack a winner of a gig. And if your just a party freak, well then your in luck too because they seriously cater for that freaky shit too!

500 Beautiful People MINIMIX by Das Kapital

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Morning News Flash

Good Sunday morning, or it could be a bad morning depends on what you did last night!
So it's been a little while since the last mix and people have been asking when are we going to be posting more. So luckily we have something from a really talented up and coming dubstep Dj, called Half-Life. You may have heard of him online via the Brick City Black Edition competition and now you'll get to hear him here.

And he will be appearing at a Rubadub party at the end of October, no details out as yet, but keep an eye on the Rubadub Facebook page for details.

Mini Mix To The Max! by Half-Life

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MTTM: Concept Outline

Just a quick reminder to readers and any interested participants of what we are trying to achieve. Minimix To The MAX! is a promotional tool for dj's and promoters or any other electronic dance related brands. All you have to do is mail in a minimix to The mix must be uploaded to a soundcloud account and be no more than 10minutes long. Include with the mail a small biography (if you a Dj) details of your event (if a promoter, just get one of your Dj's to do a minimix for the party) or of your brand. Also don't forget to include links to group/fan pages and events. We will then send you some art work to upload with the mix (unless you have your own to upload) and then we will post it on the blog and on the Facebook page, with all the links you have provided.

So there have been some questions as to the benifit of a minimix, so let me try answer a few. We not trying to replace normal full length promo's, infact a minimix is supposed to promote the full length promo's as well as the dj, how? Well, you browsing the web/Facebook and are bombarded with promo's and Dj sets of a Dj you don't really know that well. The sets are long and usually large files, so would take time and bandwidth to download (not everyone has 10Mb uncapped internet). So alot of potential new listeners pass on by without ever listening to or getting to know what the new (to them) Dj is all about. So a minimix is something short n small to introduce yourself to new listeners, or in the case of a promoter have a minimix on your event wall (it will appear when tagged via our page) so new clubbers know what kind of music to expect. All they gotta do is press PLAY! Also we are very keen on getting people to listen to different genre's of dance music, stuff they maybe not too familiar with and are keen to just to have a quick listen and see what its about.

Well, I'm tired of typing and I'm sure you are tired of reading, so I think we have covered everything. Any more questions can be mailed to the email add, or get in touch via the
FB Fanpage.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Late Night Newsflash

Right new minimal/techno mix in by JoNNY RoBoTIX.

And be sure to catch his next gig at the next We Love Techno party at Butterfly Studios in town on the 28th August 2010.

We Love Techno Minimix! by JoNNY RoBoTIX

Early Morning News Flash

Wow, starting a blog is not easy going! Spent the entire morning trying to get this one into tip top shape. Luckily I've managed to do it all on company time... Sweet! Well enough of my shit, let's get into what has popped into our mailbox this morning.

New mix just in from LG Fritz, some fidgety madness!

Might be a lil late notice but he will be dropping some dubstep bombs at This Side Up (a PsyedStep & Step Up collab) at the Mystic Boer in Stellies this evening.

minimix MADNESS by LG Fritz

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

minimx To The MAX! Launching-------->

So today's world is all about the smaller the better, the shorter the quicker. Nobody has time for long drawn out movies or thick small texted books That's why in today's world we have 5 minute cellphone shot movies and 140 character twitter "books". So why the hell not for DJ's??? Who really has time to sit through your perfectly constructed rollercoaster of a 2 hour DJ set?? So why not bang out a 10 minute minimix! Cram as many songs as you like, and make that rollercoaser ride, but in 10 minutes! I mean that's all I have time for these days anyway!!

Here's the first of many minimixes by Das Kapital and the inspiration behind the idea!

Minimal Monday Micromix Vol. I by Das Kapital

And be sure to catch him this coming Friday evening at the lastest Brick City Black Edition at Fiction DJ bar. This is a sick as fuck party brand so don't miss out!