Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SOTD: Straight Jack - Breakthrough (Original Mix)

Just another way to better satisfy our listeners addiction to the sickest underground sounds.

We have decided to start featuring some of the hot and talented producers that are out there making a name for themselves.

On our Soundclound minimix hunting adventures we often come accross exellent song productions as well, so we thought we would let you know about them as well.

Feel free to let us know which ones you have stumbled upon or perhaps have conjured up yourselves!

Drop it in our mailbox:

We will be bringing you these fairly randomly, so it's not quite a song everyday but more of a song every other day. I present to you the first ever: Song Of The Day!!

It's by Straight Jack, no stranger to faithful MTTM followers. Its a Proggessive Trance track with some awesome uplifting synth work (no..... we not going to review the song here, just bring it to your attention!) and it was all done using Fruity Studio 9.

Straight Jack - Breakthrough (Original Mix) by Straight Jack

Volume 31: JoNNY RoBoTIX vs LG Fritz

After the success of the Fuck It's, It's Free party at
The Bassment Club not too long ago. NoBucks has come on board to keep the freeness flowing.

On top of it all, it would also be the celebration of King Joo's birthday - more than enough reason to get your game on!

Fuck the details - Here's what you need to know:

R6 drink specials, with more to be confirmed soon - ALL NIGHT.
Enough bass to start an earthquake.

But's who is going to shake thy earth?


Sweet jesus...

And there you have it - A completely FREE party, no catch, no guestlist, open to all, come whenever.

An insanely brilliant line up, with variations of dubstep, break beats and electro (the hard type). Fuck it, it's Drum 'n Bass too :)

Ridiculous drink specials running ALL night.

You've got nothing to lose.

Here's a lil taster of the early evening Dub/Breaks you can expect from JoNNY RoBoTIX vs LG Fritz

Fuck It, It's Chilled! by LG Fritz

Then later on they will be hosing the floor down with some slap in the face Drum & Bass!!

Fuck It, It's Frantic by JoNNY RoBoTIX

Friday, December 24, 2010

Competition: Dansville Edition

We not all that Christmasy here at MTTM, so I'm going to leave all that festive cheer to someone else. We do however have something to make you smile and be merry, a competition!

This is how it's going to work, you (Electro/Dubstep/Drum & Bass DJ's) do a 10minute minimix of your hottest tunes.
You upload it to your Soundcloud account, mail us the link:
Upload the artwork (artwork found right at the bottom of this post to upload on the mix (go to the little pencil icon "click" it and you will be able to edit your track and upload artworks etc).
We post the mix on our blog and on our Facbook page. All you gotta do is round up people to listen to your minimix and get them to like, if they do like of course!

So what do you win I hear you ask? The DJ with the winning minimix (details on how the winner is chosen below) will get a set at the ever popular Dansville party set for the end of March 2011. A feature on the MyCityByNight website and DJhookups have agreed to sponsor some DJing related gear from their 2011 stock range (more details to follow).

While the competition is running we will bring you more info on the competition sponsors, without them we couldn't do all this!

So I guess there gotsta be some rules!? Let's see.........

So what we going to is count the amount of "likes" that each post on the Facebook page gets, we will also add the amount of Soundcloud plays to the "likes" and from there will choose the top 5 minimixes.

You must also have a "full" length promo on your Soundcloud page, at least 30mins long, just so we can see that you can hold an actual set. Also no minimixes done without turn-tables, CDJ's or some sort of MIDI-controller.

Also important to note that the Judges (MTTM, MCBN, Dansville and DJhookups) will be listening to the minimixes. So if it's crap but yet you have managed to hype it up and get it played and liked by whoever, we will not allow it go though as a top 5 minimix. 

MyCityByNight will then take the top 5 minimixes as of the 28th of February and then host them on the their website, they will announce a polling system and from there the winner will be chosen! EASY!!

So... get Minimixing To The MAX!!!

News just in that Mix n Blend have been confirmed as the headliners! Sick stuff indeeeeeed!!!

Artwork to up load below:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Volume 30: LG Fritz

Got some hot grinding Dubstep all wrapped up in a minimix by LG Fritz.

You can catch him and more of this insane sound at F*ck It, Its FREE! Electro/Dubstep/Drum & Bass Party at the new underground club in Town called The Bassment Club. Yes, it's actually really underground......... and not forgetting FREEEE!!

More on LG Fritz?

Read on!

LG Fritz started to DJ at the age of 18 while living in the UK. Learning on vinyl he quickly picked up the knowledge and began to Play Hard House and Trance. This quickly let to sets all around the UK playing amongst some of the best underground DJ's in the scene.

Slowly his musical tastes evolved to a new sound emerging from the underground, Electro. LG Fritz was hooked and soon started to promote a monthly event, Audiotronic, showcasing the best up and coming Electro, Breaks and Techno DJ's.

At the age of 21 LG Fritz made the move back to his country of birth, South Africa, in 2007. He took some time away from the DJ scene to concentrate on various other projects including working on some original tracks and remixes.

After an extended break from the scene LG Fritz decided to get back into what he loved the most, playing dirty, filthy, bassline driven music. LG Fritz can be heard playing anything from the dirtiest Dubstep, the craziest Electro and the filthiest Indie Electro/Nu Rave known to man. This young talent is definatly one to watch. With his flawless track selection and effortless mixing skills, he'll soon be ripping up and destroying a dancefloor near you!

F*ck It, It's FREE! Minimix by LG Fritz

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Volume 29: Jason Rockwell

This next funky Progressive House minimix has been done by Jason Rockwell, formerly Jason 47 and a past favourite of ours here at MTTM!

This mix has been done to showcase his new style of music he is going to be pushing this coming summer and at the first of his I Love Dance events he will be throwing down.

The first edition will be taking place at Babbaloos in Tableview on the 11th December 2010.

Find about some more about Jason Rockwell and his new sound?

Read on below!

MTTM: We at MTTM have personally been witness to the legend that was Jason 47, which now feels like many years ago! Why the name change?

Rockwell: Yes it feels like a lifetime ago! Those were really fun times it was a great experience being able to be a DJ in that era of the clubbing scene. The name Jason47 became synonomous with Hard Dance or hard music in general so when I changed music styles I reverted back to a name I used to DJ under when I played at house or funk clubs. I actually played as many funky gigs as I did hard, although at the time the hard music was my passion and I'd achieved the most under that alias. So now I use Jason Rockwell or just 'Rockwell'. Its like starting from scratch again but I dont mind as its more for fun now and the love of it whereas back then it was my career and only source of income. Full time DJ and party promoter.

MTTM: What sort of music you going to be playing as Jason Rockwell?

Rockwell: Rockwell is all about playing the genres that I love now which includes mainly Progressive, Tech and House. Im also doing Psytrance mixes for an online radio show but I'm not going to go out of my way to be a Psytrance DJ as I love the music but that lifestyle is not for me anymore.

MTTM: What sort of gear you got laying about? What do you use for your mixes?

Rockwell: I own a set of Pioneer CDJ350's and DJM350 mixer which is a new product launched by Pioneer a few months ago. I love them, I wish I could take them everywhere! They utilize Pioneers new DJ software called Rekordbox (anyone can download it and use it) which when using to organize your music makes life loads easier when exporting to a flash stick and popping then into my CDJ350's. I record all my mixes live while recording straight to USB on the DJM350.

MTTM: Tell us about your dream set up?

Rockwell: I would LOVE to have a set of CDJ2000. Theres nothing else like them. Throw in an Apple Mac and some KRK Expose monitors and a Nord Lead and I'd be a happy man

MTTM: Any plans to get into production? If yes, then what production software are you finding best and any hardware to supplement it?

Rockwell: I've actually dabbled in a bit of production over the years, started in 2001 with Acid Sound Factory and made some really cool hard tunes that myself and a few of my fellow djs used to play out a lot. I even had a tune on 5FM which Derek the Bandit pushed for me which was great. I must admit I've been very lazy to not take it more seriously. I've owned and sold studio gear over and over again. Now that I have access to all the gear I want I'm itching to get back into it 100% and get something out there. Cubase is definitely the software for me as I find it easier to understand and work with.

MTTM: Tell us more about this I Love Dance event, who else is playing, what can we expect soundwise etc etc?

Rockwell: The I LOVE DANCE - Summer Sound System event is basically a party that I put together where people can come and have a really cool time with their friends, party it up and hear some good HAPPY music. We are putting some major effort in with lighting and decor to make the venue look and feel different and my aim is to creative a people friendly environment so we can all have a good time. I want to completely remove the 'serious' element of clubbing and hopefully get people to let loose and stomp away on the dance floor.

MTTM: Any future events you planning on doing? Anything for NYE?

Rockwell: We currently have our Sundowner Sessions vibe every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (my favourite) so we will be doing a NYE Sundowner Session from about 8pm till about 3am. The great thing about this venue is that its close to home, right on the beach and the vibe is fantastic. I recommend everyone to come and check it out on a Sunday afternoon from 3:30 onwards. I also am playing another I LOVE DANCE event for Jan/Feb next year but want to first make sure everything runs smoothly with this first one. I hope to see you all there!

MTTM: Lastly we would just like to hear some of your thoughts on the current Cape Town clubbing scene since you've been invloved for so long!

Rockwell: I think its an exciting time in the Cape Town clubbing scene as there seem to be an influx of international artists visiting us each month with some really big branded events. People are getting more exposed to music genres that used to be the 'underground' sound and are now all over the radio. Progressive, techno and house have all come a long way and people are more open to the music which is very cool.

More small clubs are popping up all the time which is great for DJ's because it means more gigs, more exposure and more experience playing to different crowds. Neon is back in again, hard music is almost long forgotten and things have come full circle so its a great time for new DJ's to get out there.

Minimixtothemax128kpbs by jasonrockwell