Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok, so we've gone without the Roman numerials thing. Had a look down the line and it's going to get messy. When we get to say
VOL 88 you looking at LXXXVIII, bit big to fit on the artworks!
Well, you here for the music so hear you go!!

No, it's not a history lesson, it's an assault on the senses by Blitzkrieg. Take a listen to this minimix and be prepared for a bombardment of Electro Distortion!

Really glad we have been able to play host to some of the hottest up and coming artists around and will continue to do so.

You can catch Blitzkrieg doing this sort of Distortion thang at the DANSVILLE event scheduled for the end of November sometime. Look out for details on the fanpage!

Bass Licking Minimix by Blitzkrieg

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Right, so Electro has been ruling the MTTM volumes so far.....BUT dubstep is probably the fastest growing in terms of following etc in and around clubland (our humble opinion).

So I present to you Half-Life's latest dubstep minimix. It's 10 or so minutes of absolute filthy mayhem and you can catch him these sort of bombs this coming weekend at the ever popular bi-monthly Rubadub Sat 23 October event.

Be there from 3 - 4 to catch his set, it's gonna get SO messed up!!

Also lend him a hand in getting on the Brick City Bling Edition's line-up this coming Sat at Fiction. Click that you attending and write Half-Life on the wall..... Easy!!

Messed Up! by Half-Life

Monday, October 18, 2010


Really stoked to have some minimixes from some more well established names on the scene and you don't get much more established than George Daniel. A career spanning more than a decade and playing alongside some massive names (check the info page) at the biggest clubs says it all really!

Onto the mix now and it's awesome to have something different. I think its safe to say that Breaks isn't the top genre you will hear being banged out at clubs. But after listening to this I think you'll agree that we could use more.... ALOT MORE!

So... you like? You want more? Sure! Catch him this coming Sat 23rd October at the Brick City Bling Ed. ft. BRUCE WILLIS / ILLTASTIC / GEORGE DANIEL and more.
Then next weekend Fri 29th October at the DANSVILLE MASSACRE its going to be a butchery!!

George Daniel - And you though breaks was dead vol 2 MINIMIXTOTHEMAX by George Daniel


Nice little Dirty Electro banger here for you, served up with the usual grinding basslines and stabbing synths from am STEREO. Back from a few years in Aisa they are back to make you "dance like you fuck"......... I'm just sayin!

Will update the blog as to where you can catch them next, as yet dates are unconfirmed, but will keep ya posted! Am stereo dance fuck dirty2010-08-18 by am STEREO

Friday, October 15, 2010


So an unofficial minimix is any mix out on soundcloud that we find hot and would dig for you to listen to.
It is of course the best way to serve up a preview to anyone who doesnt know who the hell you are and what/how you play.

Also just a little update that things are picking up slowly, got plenty minimixes in the mailbox and are just about ready to be posted. Some of them are by some very well established Dj's and we are very stoked to have the attention of some of the hottest Dj's around!

Been hearing great things about DJ ANTENTION so seriously considering hitting DONT PARTY / GRIET/ Discotheque Presents: DJ ANTENTION (Russia) at The Assembly this evening to go and check him out.

Found a little minimix done by him so its a perfect little taster to what he can do and yeah he does it WELL!!

Dj Antention MINIMIXTAPE ( Episode 5,5) - I mouve FIRST! by djantention

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Volume 13...... unlucky?? Not on your life! Your in luck infact, we have another spankin, grindin and towards the end ridiculously hard Electro minimix by INfEMY.

You can catch him playing regularly at the hottest happenings that side of the Wors Curtain, a sick party brand called DANSVILLE.

Also if you digging the mix go ahead and pop INfEMY's name on this event wall Brick City Bling Ed. ft. BRUCE WILLIS / ILLTASTIC / GEORGE DANIEL and more.
Be sure to attend these parties even if your votes aren't enough to see your fave artist through, as they are banging, going on till the lights come on.. quite literally!!

INfEMY - electro mini mix by INfEMY

Monday, October 11, 2010


Looks like the word is spreading far an wide, this mix done by HerbStrike all the way from Newcastle in the UK.

A "humble bedroom Dj" is how he describes himself and we all started somewhere, so we are glad to provide a platform for anybody at any level.

He has also pointed me to this sick Djing website called
DJ TechTools ...... Sick stuff indeed!

Take a listen to his Electro mix and leave some comments or "likes" and let him know what you think!!

Minimix Electro by HerbStrike

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Uncapped internet now installed at Minimix HQ so expect more aural pleasures!

Got a filthy dirty Electro mix in by the guys behind Sparrow. Really vibey stuff 'avin a listen as we speak! No gigs up coming for them as yet, but if you like get in touch with them or if you a clubber get your local promoter to get them in your favourite club!

SPARROW - MINIMIX TO THE MAX by garethgraham

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This minimix done just for the love of music by the interestingly named CrunchDub. A mash up of Dubstep/Drumstep & Drum n Bass.

Check out the super cool Crunch Blog artist blog by this talented Dj/producer.

September Mini Mix '10 - Crunch by CrunchDub