Competition: Dansville Edition

We not all that Christmasy here at MTTM, so I'm going to leave all that festive cheer to someone else. We do however have something to make you smile and be merry, a competition!

This is how it's going to work, you (Electro/Dubstep/Drum & Bass DJ's) do a 10minute minimix of your hottest tunes.
You upload it to your Soundcloudaccount, mail us the link:
We will then send you artwork to upload on the mix (go to the little pencil icon "click" it and you will be able to edit your track and upload artworks etc).
We post the mix on our blog and on our Facbook page. All you gotta do is round up people to listen to your minimix and get them to like, if they do like of course!

So what do you win I hear you ask? The DJ with the winning minimix (details on how the winner is chosen below) will get a set at the ever popular Dansville party set for the end of February 2011. A feature on theMyCityByNight website and DJhookups have agreed to sponsor some DJing related gear from their 2011 stock range (more details to follow).

While the competition is running we will bring you more info on the competition sponsors, without them we couldn't do all this!

So I guess there gotsta be some rules!? Let's see.........

So what we going to is count the amount of "likes" that each post on the MTTM blog/Facebook pagegets, we will also add the amount of Soundcloud plays to the "likes" and from there will choose the top 5 minimixes.

You must also have a "full" length promo on your Soundcloud page, at least 30mins long, just so we can see that you can hold an actual set. Also no minimixes done without turn-tables, CDJ's or some sort of MIDI-controller.

Also important to note that the Judges (MTTMMCBNDansville and DJhookups) will be listening to the minimixes. So if it's crap but yet you have managed to hype it up and get it played and liked by whoever, we will not allow it go though as a top 5 minimix. 

MyCityByNight will then take the top 5 minimixes as of the 31st of January and then host them on the their website, they will announce a polling system and from there the winner will be chosen! EASY!!

So... get Minimixing To The MAX!!!