Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brand Focus: DJHookups

Well the Dansville competition is all wrapped up and the deserving winner is
Johnny 12-Inch!!!!

Big thanks to the sponsors Dansville, MyCityByNight & DJHookups!

As promised we have some more information on our last sponsor, namely DJHookups. We sat down with the 2 guys who run the store George Steyn & the lastest sensation to hit the local club scene George Daniel.

MTTM: Ok so by the title there's probably not much in asking what you guys do, however just give us a rundown in any case.

George Daniel: Well, the name does say it all, we hook DJ's and producers up! We specialize in the sale and rental of professional DJ and sound gear.

MTTM: Where are you based?

George Steyn: Spiro's corner, corner of Vrede and Main road, Durbanville.

MTTM: Any particular hot products you would like to talk about?

George Steyn: Well, our favourite at the moment is the NI Traktor Kontrol S4 and we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Pioneer DDJ T1 which should be in-store next week!
George Daniel: It's really difficult consentrating on only 1 piece of equipment as DJ'ing has become so intricate and complex as what it was a few years back with everything and everyone going digital, but the new midi controllers on the market are extremely powerful and that makes us excited to see what the future holds for digital DJ'ing!

MTTM: The Technics 1200s have stopped being produced, Pioneer has brought out it's own Midi Controller, how long before we see the death of CDJs... Or not?

George Steyn: I personally think that CD players will still be around for a while. There's still allot of DJ's out there that's using CD's. The midi controllers are not yet a standard in the DJ club scene and some DJ's are not yet ready to switch over. Some still prefer the hands on method. The day will come, but not soon.
George Daniel: Agreed, and Serato etc, are keeping the CDJ revolution alive. Digital DJ's can still gig with there laptops and just plug it into the serato and go! So in my opinion, I think CD players are still going to be here for quite a while, but the time will come when controllers will take over...

MTTM: You got any celebrity DJ customers?

George Steyn: George Daniel (HaHa), Dublussion, Codax pops in every now and then.
George Daniel: We get our fair share of celebs coming around and not just DJ's, we can't say who they all are, you should come hang out by the shop and see for yourself ;-)

MTTM: Tell us what you're going to be giving away as the prize from your side of the competition?

George Steyn: Denon DN HP-700 Headphones and some DJhookups merch!!

MTTM: Are there any projects in the pipeline for DJhookups?

George Daniel: We're busy installing our Producers room, where producers will be able to sit and work in an relaxed and secluded  enviroment with some of the best gear available. We're also busy upgrading our website into a fully operational online DJ-store! Watch this space...

Professional DJ Gear and Services
t: +27 21 979 4369 | f: +27 21 946 4048 | c: +27 84 241 3630
Address: Spiro's Corner | c/r Vrede Street & Main Road | Durbanville

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  1. actually Technics 1200s are still being produced. they only discontinued the less popular mk5. the classic mkII is still well on its way