Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dub Nation Secret Sunday

This Sunday is a bit of a special one due to there being a public holiday the next day, what it is isn't really of any relevance is it now!?

What we do know is that there is a little something going down at
Tequila Town, Dub Nation presents Secret Sunday.

Keeping you entertained from 18:00 - 3:00



Theres a a competition running with Wic'dwear for this event. They are giving away a SICK T-SHIRT & CAP!

To enter tag @wic'dwear and this event in your status, saying: I'm wearing @wic'dwear and I'm going to @Dub Nation Secret Sunday!

They will choose the winner on Sunday...

In true MTTM spirit here is a bit more on the DJ's playing and what you can expect from them!

LG Fritz started to DJ at the age of 18 while living in the UK. Learning on vinyl and being an avid listener of dance music since the age of 14, he quickly picked up the knowledge and began to play Hard House and Trance. This quickly led to sets all around the UK playing amongst some of the best underground DJs in the scene.

Slowly his musical tastes evolved to a new sound emerging from the underground, Electro. LG Fritz was hooked and soon started to promote a monthly event, Audiotronic, showcasing the best up and coming Electro, Breaks and Techno DJ's.

At the age of 21 LG Fritz made the move back to his country of birth, South Africa, in 2007. He took some time away from the DJ scene to concentrate on various other projects including working on some original tracks and remixes.

After an extended break from the scene LG Fritz decided to get back into what he loved the most, playing dirty, filthy, bassline driven music. LG Fritz can be heard playing anything from Dubstep, Electro, Drum & Bass and Breaks.

LG Fritz also runs the Fukk It parties along side Jonny Robotix + Blitzkrieg, and has recently been asked to represent On a Break Records as a DJ.

Fuck It, It's Chilled! Minimix by LG Fritz

Raised by Wookiees. Breastfed by bears. Marci X.

With a strong passion for a wide variety of music and childhood dream of always wanting to become a DJ, Marci X set out to bring the dirt, as well as the illest
sets in the north.

Marci X started DJ'ing from the age of 18, after many years of dabbling with the electronic genre as well as being the front man of Durbanville's Deathcore sensation, "Lines of Separation". Soon after the split of "Lines of Separation" Marci X decided that it was time chase his dream and push into the scene, shortly securing a weekly spot at Edward street's, Cafe Venezia(Cafe V).

This soon led to an offer for a residency at the infamous Cheetah's to headline their weekly Student night parties, keeping the Drum & Bass and Dubstep scene alive and thriving in the Bellville/Brackenfell area.

After his debut set with the big boys at DANSVILLE along side SFR, Dynamo & more, Marci X is sure to be turning heads with the grittiest basslines in the Cape.

Lazer beams. Oreos. X-step by Marci X

We recently saw Jed Rabid as one half of The Intu, a dynamic blend of chilled dub and some MCing. Sadly they cannot make it as a full group but Jed Rabid will be providing the groovy beats! Here are some words from the man himself, describing his sound.

Psychedelic electronic music for the thinker. Mixing genres together to create something different.
After many years of sleepless nights, coming down, stuck infront of the computer making music, I decided to redefine my abstract experiments, and make them into songs people could relate to and enjoy.

jed rabid - mini mix by bass.steppaz

Next up, no no this is not the order of appearance, just random, is Grimehouse. This is a project started by Straight Jack, who is leaving behind the Electro vibes and throwing down something a whole lot more grimey!

Check out Straight Jack's bio over here. We pretty sure Grimehouse will be writing a fresh bio very very fast!!

Grimehouse - Make a Riot by Grimehouse

For every person, something changes within them once they hear their first electro song. An awakening occurs. A passion begins. Some enjoy the party and appreciate good music; others make it a lifestyle. Something changed in the wee little German lad all those years ago; praising a mixtape, Crookers brought him to life. The German lad put DJ Sammy and Evermore aside, for far better beats to live for.

Cape Town's electronica scene exploded. With parties hosted by Arcade, Untamed Youth and Rub-A-Dub-Something bringing a regular installment of sex music to the children of Cape Town, a following grew and amidst the crowd, young wee Blitzkrieg found his calling. Beginning as a mixer, inspired by Crookers, Blitzkrieg's DJing style evolved with the scene; dabbling in drum and bass and dubstep, until finally settling on a distinct and versatile sound.

Every musician starts out in someone or others basement, and after having played at several house parties, Blitzkrieg had his first taste of the limelight. After winning a spot on the Brickcity line up, Blitzkrieg commanded the Fiction Dj booth, delivering a flawless set to a room of eager sweaty beatfreaks. From there, his career has flourished; a regular at Dansville, a collaboration with LG Fritz and Jonny Robotix, has seen Blitzkrieg join the Fukk It crew in hosting regular parties all over Cape Town and delivering a serious mix of electro, dubstep and the like.

Making the jump from mixing to producing, a promising future as on of Cape Town's up and coming DJ's awaits the wee German lad. Blitzkrieg will deliver a mess of original sound; distortion of hair raising quality and beats to jolt your pulse. Don't wander about in the breaks, get lost in the music.

'Blitzkrieg' literally means 'lightning war,' and he's going to burn this city down.
All the sweaty 20-somethings are demanding his encore. If you can hear them, you've been at the bar too long...

Im thinking I want some treats... by Blitzkrieg

Qi, a DJ/producer from Somerset West, been jamming out to Drum n Bass since before he was born. He digs anything dark and anything energetic, so you can expect a mix of those 2 in his mixes.

He has played at Rubadub, Noctivega, Dub Nation, and used to be a resident DJ at Nameless in Somerset West.

Buy a subwoofer drum & bass minimix. (320 kbps free download) by [Qi]

JoNNY RoBoTIX has had music in his circuitry since he was sparked to life. Rock and metal inspired him and he programmed himself to play the drums. A brief stint in a high school band followed and that all ended rather badly after the lead singer started to let the principal know exactly how he felt about his recent expulsion.

The Prodigy was the first electronic type of music to grace his auditory circuit boards and because he was mostly well, electronic himself, he fell inlove that very instant. For years he graced the dancefloors of Clublands finest establishments getting his nightly fixes of electronic stimulation.

The rock and metal long forgotten, he still yearned to have control over the music he loved, just as he was able to when thrashing out the drums. So it was not long until his visual sensors where scanning the DJ booths of the clubs he visited. Watching, listening, learning and downloading, all the while doing his, well, robot dance of course.

Because he had a love for all electronic music he found it hard to choose and stick to one specific genre - when he did finally lay his hydraulic hands on his very first set of decks.

Fuck It, It's Frantic by JoNNY RoBoTIX

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